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Dear Friends, Season Pass Holders and Partners of Sleeping Giant
Cody, WY 82414, USA

We wanted to send you a quick message to update you on how things are going at the hippest mountain in Northwest Wyoming.

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After some intense debate and with an eye to making the mountain the best it can be, we have decided not to open the Zipline for the summer season.

Our promise to Park County was always centered on the ski season and while we regret we will not take part in what by all accounts should be an incredible tourist season, our review of the winter season suggested to us that we need more depth on our management team and to focus on infrastructure development projects if we want to get to the quality level we want to reach at Sleeping Giant.

This year’s SG team did a great job getting the mountain running and keeping it going throughout the winter season but there are lots of areas for improvement and that’s where we will focus our energy this summer.

As part of our plan to strengthen our management team, we are excited to announce the appointment of an incredible person and CHS grad, Kristen Mueller, to the head oversight role at Sleeping Giant. Kristen has a legal background and is a member of the bar in several states. Kristen has been working for our family and our other businesses as a federal compliance officer since the end of 2020 and has agreed to oversee improvements to Sleeping Giant’s operations and development. Kristen and her husband, Irakli, have recently arrived in Cody and are looking at options to potentially settle here over the course of the summer.

Please note that just because the zipline won’t be open this summer it does not mean we’ll be sitting on our hands. We are currently in talks with several other candidates to take management roles at Sleeping Giant and in our family office. In addition, we plan to move forward with several additional improvement projects on the mountain which have already been approved by our friends and partners at the Forest Service.

We recently provided the USFS with our development plan to invest over USD 2.5 million in the mountain over the next 5 years including a potential USD 1 million investment in infrastructure modernization and lodging that would be deployed in 21/22.

There is quite a bit of work we will need to do to get these projects from the drawing board to shovel ready but we are confident that these projects will be a boon to the long term stability of the mountain and provide growth to winter tourism in Park County.

For those who were interested in working the summer season and especially our returning employees that worked with us during the winter, we encourage you to get in touch as we will be hiring for several projects that we have planned during the offseason and we would be glad to have you onboard. Please reach out directly or send emails to

While we will not have the mountain open for regular busines this summer, we are exploring options to hold a few concerts and the Giant will be available to rent for weddings and other events.

We want to again thank all our great downtown partners for all their support throughout the season and single out a few for special praise including The Beta, Dominos, Granny’s, the Silver Dollar, Papa Murphy’s Pizza, Marshall Photography and Sunlight Sports – you are incredible friends and neighbors and we look forward to doing new fun things with you.

Also please note that Amber and her team at the Beta have agreed to keep SG merchandise available so be sure to get your summer visitors to drop by and pick up some cool gear and a yummy burrito.

We will not have an early season pass sale this spring as we want to take time to build out more comprehensive ticket packages for the winter season. But rest assured we will have early season passes available in the fall with special rates for last season’s pass holders.

In addition we will be awarding passes to some of the incredible people that skied with us last year including a few individuals who were most active about posting their SG adventures on Facebook, the family that spent the most days on the hill in 20/21, and our top tailgater.

Stay tuned we’ll be reaching out in the fall.

Lastly, we want to once again thank everyone who came up to make the 20/21 season such a success. You showed up for us in a huge way this season and we wanted to be sure that you understood that we saw you. There is a lot of work to do to get your Sleeping Giant to the level we all want it to be at and we are confident if we keep working together we will get there. With this in mind we have set up a new email – where we welcome all our season pass holders and friends to send in their thoughts and ideas on what they would like to see improved at Sleeping Giant or what they would like to share with us about their experiences on the mountain.

This email goes directly to Yulia and myself and you have our promise that we will read every one. As things move forward we will continue to keep you posted via our webpage and app and look forward to jamming with you again this winter as we turn Sleeping Giant into one of the coolest winter scenes in the Rockies.

Have a great summer.


Nick & Yulia

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