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Giant News: Winter Season 21/22 Plans & Update
Cody, WY 82414, USA

Dear Friends of Sleeping Giant,

We wanted to send you a quick update on what’s been going on so far this summer up at Wyoming’s coolest ski area.

As you know, we decided not to open summer activities so we could focus on much needed clean up, organization, repairs and improvements for the 21/22 ski season, and we’ve made great strides in that direction.

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We have inventoried, organized and digitalized all of SG’s operational and regulatory documents and licenses, organized and structured our accounting and Backoffice systems to work more efficiently with all our counterparties, and are in the process of moving all back office and accounting activities to our downtown Cody office. 

Crews have also nearly completed a deep cleaning and reorganization of the lodge, inventorying and upgrading our rental fleet and equipment, and did a major clean out of the shop/ boneyard. In all, almost 4 tons of scrap and other relics from years past were hauled off the mountain.

With this fundamental work behind us, we are now ready to announce the key projects in our 21/22 winter season investment plan that are getting underway this month:

We will be directing roughly USD 150k for improvement of our snowmaking system. Our base pump system needed significant repair and we will be working with Techno Alpine to improve our overall snowmaking platform to make our wand system work better and allow us to add modern fan guns in the future. We will also upgrade our current fan gun, add one new one this season, and upgrade the nozzles on our current wand system to make them more efficient.

We will be spending approximately USD 70k on a new lift computer, wiring, and overhaul of the Bighorn Lift to ensure that it is able to serve our guests for years to come and is in line with the highest safety standards. (Please note, all of SG’s lifts passed their annual independent inspection in May)

Up to USD 50k is being set aside to trench wiring and to expand electricity, fiber optics and lighting on the mountain. We look forward to working with our partners at C-mor energy on this project.

USD 50k will be spent on general repairs and painting of the Lodge and the Sheep Eater Lift.

We are stoked to announce that we will be spending USD 30k on rental fleet improvements including the acquisition of ten new SnoGo Bikes ( that will be available for rent this season at SG.

We also plan to add tubing runs, launch expanded trail clearing later this fall, repair our vehicle fleet and improve our concert and outdoor lounge areas.

Our original plan was to focus more on expanding summer activities this year, but analysis of SG suggested that we needed to focus more on repairing and improving the mountain’s current services.

We are also very pleased to announce that John Mccue has agreed to join SG’s Supervisory Board. In this capacity John will be taking part in all financial planning and hiring decisions as well as providing direct oversight of outdoor operations and all mechanical and maintenance issues. We are extremely excited to add John’s years of experience and no-nonsense, result-oriented approach to our team. We believe his involvement will greatly improve our quality control.

Moreover, we would like to thank Kristen Mueller, John, and the teams they put together for all their hard work this summer. It would have been impossible to get this work done and complete all these negotiations without them.

Going forward the following are a few things we want to make sure everyone is aware of:

Hiring – We are set to begin hiring for the 21/22 seasons and will be publishing a full list of open positions in a few weeks’ time. We hope to have a lot of last year’s staff return and encourage them to apply for positions. However, given we know several of our winter staff moved on to other projects when we didn’t open for the summer and with the very tight labor pool, we felt it was best for SG to open applications for these positions as broadly and as early as possible. We also want to make sure the public knows that we are planning to hire 6 full-time year round salaried positions. These positions will include benefits such as professional development training, one-month paid vacation annually, and a 401k matching program. Our goal is to raise the level of professionalism and responsibility on the mountain to make SG the best it can be.

Trail Clearing – We will be looking for professional and volunteer trail clearing teams starting in September to help us get the mountain cleaned up and ready to go. Those that want to help should reach out to

Season Pass Sales – We plan to launch Pre-Season Pass sales by the end of September. We are very thankful to all our 20/21 season passholders and hope you’ll be back with us again this year. Proceeds from these sales go directly towards the launch of the season and snow making.

Corporate Programs, Advertising and 21/22 Marketing - We plan to announce by the end of September our 21/22 corporate programs and offer advertising opportunities to our friends and partners in the community that want to support SG. We will also be ramping up our winter season marketing campaign at that time.

That’s all the news from us. We hope you are having a great summer and look forward to seeing you at SG this fall. 


Nick & Yulia

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