Mountain Safety

Sleeping Giant takes safety seriously. We want our participants to feel safe and have an enjoyable time. We ask that all skiers, snowboarders, and others enjoying the area act responsibly. The staff at Sleeping Giant has come up with 7 ways to ensure safety while on the mountain.

Seven Ways to Ensure Yours (and Others’) Safety:

  1. Always stay in control, and be able to stop or avoid other people or objects.

  2. People ahead of you have the right of way. It is your responsibility to avoid them.

  3. You must not stop where you obstruct a trail, or are not visible from above.

  4. Whenever starting downhill or merging into a trail, look uphill and yield to others.

  5. Always use devices to help prevent runaway equipment.

  6. Observe all posted signs and warnings. Keep off closed trails and out of closed areas.

  7. Prior to using any lift, you must have the knowledge and ability to load, ride and unload safely.

Skiing in the age of covid

Sleeping Giant Ski Area is excited to welcome you all this winter and are doing our best to create a low risk environment for all our visitors. As the corona virus is ramping back up in Wyoming and in Park County, we need all of our visitors to help keep everyone’s time at Sleeping Giant fun, safe and memorable. We would ask that you read the policies and requests below and if you are unable to comply, consider staying home.

Sleeping Giant has implemented a number of self-serve kiosks to make getting your lift ticket easy and fast while limiting exposure to other guests or employees. We are encouraging all guests to pre-purchase lift tickets and rental reservations when possible. Be advised that ski-rentals for minors require parent/guardian signature on tuning before the minor can obtain the ski’s. If you are not planning to come to Sleeping Giant with your child please look into renting from a location where you will be able to sign for them, like our Sunlight Sports in Cody.

If you are sick, please stay home until you feel well. If you think you may have contracted Coronavirus, please stay home and either go to a testing center or request a free at home test. Remain quarantined until your results are in and negative. If positive, please quarantine for the state’s recommended amount of time. Read here for more on Wyoming and Park County recommendations.

If you were at Sleeping Giant and interacted with our staff or other visitors less than 14 days before you began feeling ill, showing Covid-19 symptoms or had a positive Covid-19 test result, we ask that you please contact our General Manager immediately and share the details of where you were, on what day and who you may have come into contact with.

Keeping Guests Healthy Indoors and Out

As of Nov 4th Wyoming does not have a mask mandate. However, Sleeping Giant is requiring all staff indoors and out to wear masks. We are requiring any guest coming into the lodge or rental area to wear a mask. Sleeping Giant will be displaying physical distancing protocols indoors and outdoors and asking guests to stay 6 feet apart.

Sanitization:​ Hand sanitizer stations will be located throughout the building, around the lodge in the outdoor area, including entry points and activity locations for guest and staff usage such as the yurt and tubing hill. Sleeping Giant has implemented enhanced cleaning and disinfecting procedures in high touch areas around the resort to mitigate transmission of COVID-19. Dining

locations will be cleaned and disinfected in accordance with the ​CDC/EPA guidance for businesses, public spaces, workplaces, schools, and homes​.


We are asking all of our guests to exercise exceptional hygiene both before they arrive and while they are at Sleeping Giant. If a soap or hand sanitizing dispenser runs out, please let a staff member know.

Physical Distancing Practices:​ Throughout the resort, both indoors and outdoors, Sleeping Giant operations is requiring a minimum of 6 feet of physical distance between households, and between employees and guests at all times. Signage will be located throughout the resort to help guide and inform guests of proper physical distancing measures and employees will help ensure 6 foot separation.

Required Face Coverage:​ Fabric face covers will be required for guests and employees in all public indoor spaces. Fabric face covers will also be required outdoors where 6’ of space cannot be maintained at all times, such as ski school, help with ticketing or rental pick up scenarios. Single use masks will be available to guests who did not bring one with them.

Chairlift Operations: L​ift operators and guests will maintain 6 feet of physical distance whenever possible and the seat, back cushion, chair arms, and lift bars will be disinfected periodically throughout the day.

Events: S​leeping Giant hopes to have a number of events this year. All will be held outdoors and we ask guests to dress accordingly and bring extra supplies to keep them warm during potentially cold temps. All events will likely be smaller than usual and will follow the ​Wyoming Department of Health's guidelines on large and small indoor and outdoor gatherings.

Food Service: ​As long as state orders continue to allow it, Sleeping Giant will continue food and beverage service in the lodge. We ask that no more than 20 people be in the lodge at the same time and that you maintain 6 feet of distance at all times. Once your order is procured, please consider finding a seat outside. If you are sitting inside with


your family/household we ask that your group maintain 6 feet of distance from others, children are under control and with parents and you exit the building when you are finished. ​Sleeping Giant will be following Wyoming Department of Health’s guidelines on food and beverage service for restaurants.

Tubing Area: W​ e ask all guests to be patient if there is a tubing line and maintain 6 feet of physical distance between other riders. Listen to all employee instruction. Do not put your face or mouth on the tubes. Please use hand sanitizer before and after riding if you are not wearing gloves or mittens. Tubes will be wiped down after each use before being returned to the use area.

Yurt: T​he yurt will mostly be a ski school and parent staging area. Please be respectful of others. If the yurt is occupied by more than 6 people, we ask that you wait outside. Please treat the yurt like an indoor space, maintain your distance from others and wear a face covering.

Keeping Employees and staff healthy

Employees are required to wear facial coverings at all times while working indoors in spaces open to the public, outdoors when 6 foot separation cannot be maintained, and while interacting with guests. Sleeping Giant employees are wearing facial coverings to help protect visitors and coworkers.

Employee Education:​Employees have been trained to assist in educating guests about resort health and safety policies and guest requests. Sleeping Giant is conducting a mandatory employee training day that provides employees the opportunity to better understand these policies and guest requests as well as training on maintaining sanitizing stations, personal hygiene requirements, physical distancing, the wearing of face masks, and general expectations of employment.

Health Screenings: A​ll Sleeping Giant employees who are working onsite will complete a health screening daily. Restaurant employees will receive daily temperature checks in addition.

Safety Gear: S​leeping Giant will provide employees with a double walled buff to wear while working as well as have single use masks available should they need it.

Sick Policies: E​mployees who are unwell are asked to notify their manager, stay home and seek medical attention as required. Employees who begin to feel unwell during the workday are asked to notify their manager immediately and leave the workplace and seek medical attention as required.

Steps we ask our guests to take to protect themselves and others

Social Distancing - please maintain a distance of at least 6 feet between yourself and anyone not in you household.

Face Coverings - please wear a face covering to protect others and yourself and minimize the spread of droplets while you are on the mountain and indoors.

Wash and Sanitize - Wash and sanitize your hands often while at Sleeping Giant and when you return home.

Hands to yourself - Please avoid handshaking, high-fiving or other unnecessary touching of other individuals while visiting Sleeping Giant

Feeling Sick? Stay Home - Please do not assume you don’t have Covid. At this time in Wyoming with cases on the rise, we all need to assume we have it, get tested and stay away from others until we are sure we don’t.

Stop the Spread - Please sneeze and cough into a tissue, your elbow crook, or a cloth of somekind. ​Do not cough or sneeze on others or out into the air if it can be helped. Do not sneeze or cough into your hand or on gloves or mittens that you will be touching communal surfaces like chairlifts with.

Join Ski Patrol

Interested in joining Ski Patrol? Then join the North Absaroka Ski Patrol.

Our weekly classes in Outdoor Emergency Care begin in November with an informational session. During these classes, you will learn comprehensive first aid from National Ski Patrol certified instructors. The first meeting will discuss the benefits to patrollers including the cost to enroll in this class – including a 900-page textbook – which are funded in large part by generous donors to North Absaroka Ski Patrol. Thank you!

Don't miss this opportunity to patrol as a volunteer or join the paid crew (depends on scheduling and successful completion of candidacy requirements). Enrollment is open to anyone 15 or over.

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